Why is everyone talking about Decra roofing sheets.

Kenyans have complained about low quality iron sheets for a while. The number of industries manufacturing iron sheets has grown rapidly due to the rising demand.  Conversely, the quality of the iron sheets being delivered is awful. Decra rooting sheets however, offer high quality iron sheets for affordable prices thus have attracted a lot of customers.

Why is everyone talking about Decra roofing sheets.

Decra roofing sheets which have had clean reputation of over fifty years have come to rescue the Kenyans from the hands of unscrupulous business men. However their most attractive aspect is their prices which are affordable and proportional to quality. They are a favourite of many due to;

 Prices are proportional to quality

One complaint that has been raised about the iron sheets is their low quality. Substandard iron sheets have been rife due to the flooded markets; they are relatively cheap but prove to be expensive in the long run. Decra iron sheets on the other hand are high quality sheets made by well-known architects who exploit the dynamic technology to make long lasting and beautiful sheets, all for affordable prices.All Movies Download From Pepaream

 Well regulated prices

Decra roofing sheets price Kenya are regulated by the few acclaimed importers who are situated in their head office in the capital. The main cause of fluctuations in price is the lack of unity between suppliers. Decra roofing has a framework of rules by which the head importer regulates the prices. Therefore the Decra roofing sheets are sold at the same price for almost all retail hardware.

Affordable prices capped with after sale services

In addition to the lower prices they have their localinstallers (trained and certified) who aid in the roofing sheets installation. They also deliver the sheets to whichever place within an agreed period. Decra also provide roof budget calculations, once the customer gives them the roofing plans they calculate for him/her the number of roofing tiles required. All this saves a lot for the customer.

 Numerous roofing styles at affordable prices

They offer various styles including shingle, shake, classic tiles, Milano and the New DECRA slate. This offers an alternative for people working with tight budgets, so there is something for everyone. It covers people from the ones looking for iron sheets for large villas and mansions to the ordinary person in search of sheets for their medium household.

Better prices for relatively larger tiles

The conventional standards for all roofing sheets are the overall length, length of cover and total substrate thickness. Decra offers larger tiles of thicker substrates, which protect the iron roof from all types of environmental hazards spanning from hurricanes to the acidic rain. The tiles despite being larger and cheaper they are also made of patented designs which are visually appealing.


Decra roofing sheets offer are the best option for any person planning to build a home. Their roofing sheets are friendly to the customers’ pockets. They also help save on installation fees, delivery fees, roof calculation costs and replacement costs. All this coupled with the affordable buying price helps slash construction costs by a significant value.

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