Magnetic spinning bike: Buying guide and OFFERS

You, who wanted to buy a spinning magnetic bike to train and have seen that there, are more models than kilometers in the world. You, who want to train hard at home because you don’t feel like going to the gym. You, who are someone who takes care of themselves and looks for a good indoor cycle, something that is really worth every penny you want to pay. The time has come for you to learn what a magnetic spinning bike is and to discover which ones are the best. You are in the perfect place. Read the tips about exercise bikes below;

Why buy a magnetic spinning bike?

How does it affect me to buy a magnetic spinning bike or one that is not? Well, more than you imagine. The braking system in these indoor cycles is totally different. It uses magnets that are responsible for breaking the disc and the wheel. The other option is friction.

And trust us; friction bikes can take a toll on your legs

Do not raise your eyebrow so soon, now we are going to explain to you what it is due to. We are going to see the differences between a bicycle with a magnetic brake and a friction one. You will understand.

Difference between magnetic or friction spinning bike

We are going to tell you a difference that is obvious: the price. Yes, a magnetic spin bike is more expensive than a friction bike. But it is obvious, when it is a system that is born as the evolution of another, which influences the cost. Putting that aside, what you might be interested to know is that magnetic spinning bikes use a system of electromagnets for braking , instead of traditional brake shoes because yes, friction models brake in a very similar way to normal bikes.

And if the system always works, why change it?

Well, first of all, because of the noise. A rubber rubbing against a metal can end up making a rather unpleasant screeching noise. With some magnets there is no noise. That already sounds better*, right?

A magnetic indoor bike requires much less maintenance. If you think about it, it’s also logical. There is no piece constantly rubbing, just a few magnets that are responsible for braking. And it is that a magnet takes much longer to lose effect than a rubber “burning” due to friction, so you have to worry less about the wear of the parts and more about training. We must have things clear, that we have come here to pedal. The best is yet to come. With friction it is very difficult to establish clearly different levels of intensity, with magnetism it is child’s play. The models that we are going to see here give good faith of this; they mark the resistance levels well and do not lose any strength although we already told you that.

In short, if you are going to buy a spinning bike and you want to make a good purchase, one that is durable and that you can put more kilometers on than Willy Fog, go for a magnetic one.

Best magnetic spinning bikes (with magnetic brake)

The best magnetic indoor cycling bike reviews and comparison – You already know that, as an option, it is always better to go for a model with a magnetic brake. Even fitness experts recommend them, so there must be a reason. Now comes the other part, the one involving euros and options. What is the best magnetic spinning bike?

We know a lot about that, and here we have a good selection of models. We collect the best on the market, from the most reliable brands and with the best ratings among users. We collect the best so you can buy the best and train as you deserve because, to have good results, you also need to have a good team.

Sportstech Elite Bike

Magnetism technology and team training so you can give it your all on the pedals and it has a flywheel of 26 kilos it does not vibrate, it does not make noise but it does make you sweat. Easy to transport, it has several training programs installed and even multiplayer mode. It is perfect for quality spinning at home. It even brings an eBook to keep you entertained.


  • The electric magnetic brake system gives it unique precision.
  • You can participate in live events to train with others without leaving home. It itches a lot!
  • Supports up to 180 kilograms of weight
  • 32 resistance levels
  • It is not foldable, but you can easily move it with its wheels.


  • It is quite a heavy bike.
  • The seat can sometimes cause some annoying rubbing
  • It does not have technical support in Spanish
  • BH Fitness – Ispada II Dual
  • 60 kilograms of bike, but with a good flywheel and a better brake system

You choose how you use it: with the magnetic brake, with the friction one or with the mixed one. Very few give so many options, and less so efficiently. It adds 12 training programs, 24 intensity levels and a very soft and silent belt. 


  • The triple braking system gives perfect options for everyone.
  • The transmission system is very powerful, and does not make any noise.
  • The gel saddle is very comfortable, it fits perfectly.
  • The LCD screen connects via Bluetooth to provide all the training and performance information you want.
  • Both the saddle and the handlebars come with an adjustment system with many different levels.


  • It does not have a multiplayer option to train as a team.
  • Materials are good, but could be better.
  • It’s quite heavy.

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