Whether you are a regular or not so regular DIY-er grinder user you most definitely wouldn’t want a machine that leaves a hole in your pockets when acquiring one. For this reason Makita leads when it comes to budgeting and performance in the market with its corded and cordless grinders. Let’s dive in and see what the best deal out there is.


Makita grinders come in different ranges depending on the performance needed and a bit variation in their features. For instance Makita GA9020-9 and Makita 9564CV differ in size with the former being a 9 inch angle grinder and the latter being a 4.5 inch grinder .There is a very wide range of the Makita grinders to suit the needs of almost any grinder user. They range from size to performance, corded and cordless with each having a different price tag to it.


The following are the common features among the varieties of Makita grinders

  • Spiral bevel gears that enhance efficient spins.
  • Modern design that helps protects the motor from any external interference.
  • Rubber insulated handle for comfort.
  • External brushes for easy serviceability.
  • Adjustable side handles for easy operationalization.
  • 8500RPM 220v motor.

Why Makita grinders

In the past grinders were seen as tools for the qualified and experts but with many people preferring to be DIYers manufacturers made more convenient and accessible grinders  considering also the price and Makita grinder price in Kenya are some of the best you can find out there. With RPMs ranging from 4000-85000, 4.5-5 inch grinding wheel and automatic speed and torque adjustment its hands down your tool.


Most Makita grinders max out at 8500 RPM and with a low of 4000RPMs.For a grinder of that size with such RPM ranges we can appreciate its power. When put to work the grinder woks any form of cutting, grinding and polishing at a remarkable efficiency .We must also put in mind that the power rangers form grinder to grinder i.e. the 6 inch grinder will be more powerful than the 4 inch but comparing each against its performance it’s a fair deal.Please visit here for information abou Barry Robert Baker


Everyoneconsiders the safety of a tool before having it around or with them and so Makita grinders have prioritized the safety of their uses to the maximum. First most grinders are braking grinders in that the moment the paddle switch is released the motor stops in less than 2 seconds .Some are even designed such that when dropped or when the user releases the handles the motor automatically locks and stops.

Prices, pros and cons

Makita grinder prices range from KSE 4000 to KES 16,000 and all depending on its size and power. For instance majority of the 4 inch grinders tend to range in the lower sect of the price ranges. Some of the pros include the automated speed and torque adjustment, automated stops and very little vibration. The only notable downside to the grinder is the lack of a battery though it’s not a necessity.


Finally, with that information one can see there indeed is a large variety of Makita grinder to choose from depending on one’s  budget but rest assured the Makita grinder prices against the performance of the machine is fair and customer friendly. More information about power tools are available here

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