This New Year, Jazz Up Your Style Quotient with These 5 Top Savini Wheels!

For many years now, Savini Wheels has been the go-to company for those looking to acquire a set of customized aftermarket rims. And since Savini started operations back in 2003, they have managed to fulfil the desires and match up to the exacting standards of their well-heeled clients.

Indeed, Savini is possibly one of the top 3 names in the super-exclusive niche of bespoke rims. This is a space occupied by big-time brands like Lexani, Vossen, and BBS. The competition, as you can imagine, is neck and neck. Still, Savini manages to surprise everyone – or almost everyone – every year as it launches new or facelifted bestsellers.

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Savini’s products are usually reserved for the upper crust of the market. The reason’s simple enough: not everyone can afford a high-tech set of these rims given the hefty price tags. Of course, the company knows this and is said to be working hard on launching a slew of models that will attract more prospective customers. Visit here for information about Dynamic Duo Costumes

Whether 2023 will be that year is unknown. But if you are willing to truly go the distance and splurge on a set of Savini Wheels designed only for your vehicle, you might want to have a look at the following options.

The most stylish Savini Wheels for 2023!

Savini pays a great deal of attention on every rim they churn out, making it pretty tough to select only 5 models. Still, here goes!

  1. BM15 Staggered: This is the flagship model of the company’s BL range and leads the ‘Black di Forza’ family. It’s staggered and is a lot more concave than most rims in its class and category. Keep in mind that all BL rims are manufactured from a single block of high-grade aluminum, keeping the basics simple but improving the overall quality and durability significantly.

The BM15 has been around for a while and has undergone several facelifts. Still, the original 10-spoke look has been retained and the latest versions have had these spokes bent at a very slight angle before they touch the inner rim. This provides the rim with a true directional advantage.

We’ve seen the BM15 on almost all luxury vehicles across these States. From the newest Mercedes limos to Bentleys and from BMW concept cars with scissor doors to a handful of Koenigsegg specials; the BM15 is eternal.

Try out the glossy black finish and the 20-inch rim for best results. These Savini Wheels are customizable in more manners than you can imagine.

  1. BM12 Staggered & Machined: This model is one of our personal favorites because we use a set too. The BM12 shares most of the attributes of the BM15 with 2 exceptions: it’s not a directional rim and it has a lot more load-bearing capacity. That’s why you’ll see the Savini BM12 adorning everything from Ford-F150s or a Silverado to the latest Porsche coupe or an Audi A8.

One word to describe the BM12 is clinical. While its aggressive and feline stance is certainly impressive, customizing it appropriately provides you with that elusive potion of form and functionality.

Savini has recently introduced teal and candy red finishes to complement the previously available brushed metal finishes besides dual-tones. But the 22-inch BM12 with machined black rims still remains unrivalled.

The last time we saw such a set was on a Tesla Model X and it took our breath away!

  1. BM9 Staggered: The BM9 is a longstanding member of the Black di Forza series that Savini Wheels introduced back in 2015. It was, in fact, one of the highlights of the SEMA show at Vegas that year. It was featured in a titanium finish on a BMW 335i.

But it would take a few more months for the company to realize they had a winner. This is one hell of an aftermarket wheel with pronounced concavity, low weight, countless different fitment options and customization angles, and with enough panache to upset your neighbor!

Like other members of the di Forza family, this is cast from one big aluminum block. This 1-piece rim comes in several finishes and a facelift is expected in 2023’s first quarter.

We have tried out the 20-inch BM9 in a matte black finish on our ageing Wrangler. The result was, well, something we’ll never forget. You’ll rarely go wrong with an original Savini BM9.

  1. SV-F4 Flow-Formed: This is the leader of the SV-F range that Savini launched a few years back. All SV-F models are flow-formed, providing the rims with dollops of tensile strength, greater resistance to external damage, and the ability to seamlessly adapt with any vehicle you own.

The SV-F4 is of particular interest to SUV owners since these super-lightweight rims can take a beating few other competitors can. In essence, this means that while it is not a true off-road wheel, it won’t disappoint you on short trips on asphalt.

On city roads, it’s a beast. Highly recommended for compact and smaller suburban cars like the Nissan Versa, although these Savini Wheels are just perfect for the big boys like the Lamborghini Urus and the Ferrari 488.

  1. BM11: Bringing up the rear echelon is this workhorse of the Black di Forza range. The BM11 is designed for carefree driving and the 20-inch model (which is the bestselling one) is a great choice for premier hatchbacks, high-end EVs, muscle cars, and the ordinary subcompact.

It looks pretty great in gloss black even though there are other options easily available.


The US market has been overrun with fake Savini Wheels that look more original than the real deal! It is a splendid idea to buy them from reputable retailers only. We are a bit biased towards California’s 34-year-old veteran, AudioCity USA. These guys also have great deals with discounts of up to 26% on a few models.

But it is you who decides which retailer you’d prefer in the end!

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