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Entertainment by way of Movies, TV Shows and Serials is known to be one most popular way people all over the world find ideal relaxation to get over the stress accumulated with the hectic pace life goes about. To give the widest choice to meet everyone’s taste in the world of movies and series is the Moviebase App. Here’s some of the super details in a brief about this marvellous all-time great app,

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Moviebase will in the most efficient manner concentrate 100% of all the Movies and TV shows to continue the trust it has built up with its customers of promising the ultimate best. Users of the App can browse through so many categories to access right details of what they are looking for. And because of its large selection the users will find this convenient and straightforward.

Features of Moviebase

Access – with its super exploring and tracking capability Moviebase will keep in touch and update information and details of Now Playing, On TV, Upcoming, Trending, Box-Office, Top-Rated Movies, Casts, Series, Episodes and Seasonal features from top Database like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Netflix, Trakt.

Catalogues – Best is featured with the popular likes of Pixar, Award winning, Disney, Oscar Nominations, Marvel Universe to mention a few.

Variety – Choose Drama and Science Fiction.

Keep track – on your favourite TV channels. Likes of HBO, Disney, Fox.

Calendar – Refer to the Calendar to check out the airing times, dates of the programs of interest.

Organize – Update what you want to watch. Mark what has been watched. With the Moviebase organizer note pad all this is possible. Save the favourites in a collection.

Reminders – Never will have to miss out on any of the must watch. The users will be notified of all upcoming movies and serials. Reminders will go up to the extent of pinpointing the episode.

Customize – Add and Remove. Sort and prioritise the most interesting watches on the homepage. Flexibility and Control at its best.

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Greater Selection Choice – With the largest community network TMDB select your watch in the language you want.

Reference – if need obtain personal recommendations as per your taste to select.

Following – Moviebase has in it to make its customers to follow their loved stars on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

With the Moviebase App in your personal device will make life so much easier. Access all of the details with regard to your favourite Movies, TV Shows and Serials. Relax knowing that you have the best App Moviebase which will not let you miss out on those favourite watches at the comfort of your own fingertips.

Install Moviebase on Android TV

Don’t worry if your favourite app does not available on Android TV. There are apps like AppLinked that allow you to install your favourite Android apps on TV. There are many similar such applications like Aptoide TV, FileSynced, etc.

First download and install latest version of FileSynced to your Android TV. On the home screen of FileSynced you will find all trending FileSynced codes. Use one of those codes to find your favourite movies and TV shows app.

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