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An Introduction to Facebook

Let’s start by looking into individual platforms. To begin, we need to regard the place that practically started the revolution. The first social media platform to consider is Facebook. To say that Facebook has made a direct impact on society and the online world would be an understatement.

Key Points About Facebook

To see why Facebook is a popular place to promote your work, you need to understand what makes it so valuable to people around the world. Many of these points are ones you should explore with regards to your marketing. These will directly influence what you can do with Facebook.

Connect with Friends

With Facebook, people can easily communicate with their friends. People can produce their own ‘friends list’ on the site. This lets people get in touch with others right away or to be able to see what those people are posting online.

Photo Support

Facebook was one of the first social media sites for people to add photos online. While some other social media sites have incorporated photos quite well, Facebook was an early adopter of this. The service introduced support for photos to help people express themselves in a unique manner.

Comment Support

Every post you put on Facebook can be commented upon. That is, a person could respond to any message you post online. Comments are added to help people interact with one another. People could ask you questions about what your post. You could then add your responses.


Facebook is a very important social media platform to use when marketing your business. Before you get Facebook to work for you, it is vital to learn how to get your own page set up. To create a useful Facebook page you need to construct a personal profile as well. The next chapter delves into what you have to do to make Facebook work to your advantage.

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