What is the Kimberley Process?

Often we faced the question what is the kimberley process. The Kimberley Process demonstrates the power of civil society to bring about change and how industry can respond to problems by setting new standards. It also demonstrates that a written guarantee is meaningless unless it is backed up by action. These two flaws are the very reasons why the Kimberley Process has faced such controversy. Fortunately, a rigorous track and trace system will address both of these issues.

a rigorous track and trace system would address the two main flaws

A rigorous track and trace system would be an ideal solution to both of these problems. The current Kimberley process relies on member countries implementing national legislation. A rigorous track and trace system would also ensure that all diamonds come from the same source. The Kimberley Process is based on the principle of mutual respect and trust, which has made it highly effective. It has also strengthened the confidence of the Participants through its sense of legitimacy and shared ownership.

The Kimberley Process was not an instant success. Efforts to improve it have been stymied by political and economic pressures. Despite this, the Kimberley Process has encouraged institutions to address the use of diamonds to finance armed groups. For example, the United Nations launched the Global Compact in 1999, a voluntary global initiative that promotes social responsibility and sustainable business practices. The Global Compact contains 10 principles on environmental protection, human rights, and corruption. The OECD Guidelines are another set of non-binding guidelines to promote responsible business conduct.

When comparing IGI Vs GIA Diamonds, one has to decide which is better. While GIA is the industry standard, IGI is known for its reputation and large footprint. The organization is involved in a wide variety of activities, from rough diamond grading to CAD designs. However, the ethics and reputation of the organization are often called into question. If you’re considering buying a diamond, you should consider what each lab has to offer before committing to their certification programs.

Moreover, a rigorous track and trace system would address the issues identified above. A comprehensive track and trace system would address both of the KP’s two main flaws. Further, a rigorous track and trace system would also enable the Kimberley Process to be universal. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme has also led to a reduction of the illicit diamond market by reducing the cost of illicit diamonds.

it is propped up by the very people that profit from the industry maintaining its status quo

A major problem with the Kimberley Process is that its very existence has fueled complacency within the industry. Many in the mining sector, from the DRC to South Africa, profit from the status quo, a status quo that is directly at odds with human rights. This is because the Kimberley Process is supported by people who benefit from the status quo.


Global Witness, a non-profit organization that helped create the Kimberley Process, said in 2003 that the diamond trade’s Kimberley certification process failed several key tests. In 2008, the Zimbabwean security forces seized the Marange diamond fields, killing at least 200 artisans. Moreover, President Robert Mugabe is accused of being behind the human rights abuses.

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