Safety boots are types of footwear that are usually made of steel and composites materials for reinforcement. Some boots cover the heel and the ankle while others cover only the lower calf. Traditionally the boots were made from leather and rubber while in the modern-day they are made from a variety of materials


Safety boots are important in the manufacturing and construction industries. They are efficient when helping in areas that rocky, bushy and also in swampy areas. It also comes in style including sneakers dress shoes and also clogs. Safety boots price in Kenya varies from 2000 to 4000 shillings.

Others are formal, e.g., for engineers who work and visit sites. It is mandatory to have protective footwear.

The protection these boots offer is the major advantage to have them. Other advantages include;

1: heat resistance-it has a heat resistance sole that can hold v very high temperatures

2: penetration resistance which is offered by the steel midsole. This allows safety even why working with sharp apparatus that may accidentally tear your foot.

3: electricity resistance- this shoe offers electricity resistance from the rubber sole.


Safety boot comes in different types, the brand uses and also manufacturers. Different boots also have different market prices. We shall look at some types and the safety boots.More Info About Exipure

1: safety toe shoes

This is the most popular shoe that has a special covering that is crapped with a special material around the toe. This helps to keep the toe from accidents and mishaps. Employees in factories and mills where heavy industrial materials wear the types of boots, this secures the workers from accidents that can take place anytime.More Info About Liver Health

The shoe prize ranges from 2800 to 4000 Kenyan shillings.

Steal insole shoes

This footwear has steal insoles which in foot protection from common joint problems. They are usually worn by bike riders, push pedals and also heavy truck drivers. The insole steal helps to keep the foot. The footwear ranges between 3000and 4000 shillings in Kenya

Metal instep footwear

This safety footwear ensures that there are no outward injuries from harmful objects that can harm your feet. It protects the feet from sharp objects like nails, broken glass pieces and other objects. It favours people who work in large industries that deal with the manufacture of metal, glasses and other sharp objects. Its price ranges at around 2500 Kenya shillings.

Electric hazard shoes

This footwear is designed to support high voltage. Employs in electric power stations wear these shoes for their safety. They have a sole that reduces the chance of being electrocuted. The price of this footwear ranges between 2000to 3000Kenyanshillings.

What to consider while choosing safety boots

There are many designs and brands of safety boots in the market. This makes it hard and confusing on which type to choose. Here are some of the things you should consider while buying footwear;

1: workplace and risk

2: Level of protection needed

3: size and height of the footwear we are wishing to buy

4: foot care and hygiene

Choosing the correct safety boot at an affordable price is not an easy task. The protection you need only depends on where your work environment is.

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