Tips to Choose and Wear Women Straw Fedora Hats

A Century ago, no woman would step outside their house without wearing an attractive hat. Back in the day, hats were considered an essential fashion garment. Even though no rule implies the mandatory factor of the hats, attractive straw fedora hats are one of the best fashion outfits women can include in their wardrobe. In this article, let’s discuss the tips to choose the perfect straw hats and tips to wear them perfectly.

Even though the modern world is prioritizing modern fashion outfits, you should not underestimate the value of the classic straw fedora hats. They are undoubtedly the best thing that will complement your outfit. Not to mention, eye-catching and high-quality straw fedora hats for women are effective at protecting the face and neck from the sun rays. Nowadays, women are choosing stylish hat designs to improve their overall appearance. The women’s straw fedora hats look feminine and they are available in multiple colors. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the relevance of the hats to your outfit.

Tips to Pick the Perfect Women’s Straw Fedora Hats

Even though choosing the perfect straw fedora hat might seem an easy task, you need to be careful during the selection process. No matter how great outfits you purchase, if the hats you choose is inappropriate as per your fashion statement, it will look dull. Additionally, wrong straw fedora hats will ruin your overall appearance. Make sure you follow these tips to choose the perfect straw fedora hat womens

Find the Perfect Size

This is one of the most important things you need to remember while choosing the straw fedora hats for women. Before you start purchasing the hats, make sure you know the appropriate size. Consider going through the size chart of the straw fedora hats to know the accurate measurements of the hats. Do not make mistakes while determining the size. Hats that are too loose will fall off your head easily. On the other hand, hats that are too tight will be uncomfortable and you cannot wear them for a long time.

Decide the Style 

Straw fedora hats for women are available in multiple styles. Some are great for formal events, whereas some hats will complement your look at beaches or other types of informal events. Therefore, you need to decide the style of the straw fedora hats you want. Don’t forget to define the location where you’ll be wearing the hat.

Select the Shape

Straw fedora hats also come in different shapes. They also come in various brim sizes and side dents. Hence, you need to consider the shape of your face. Some specific types of straw fedora hats will look good only on certain face shapes. For instance, center dent straw fedora hats for women are perfect for the square-shaped face. On the other hand, medium brim straw fedora hats are perfect for a heart-shaped face. As per the Master Class, determining the shape of your jaw will help you determine the face shape.

Check Color and Accents

You need to consider the outfit you’ll be wearing with the straw fedora hat. For instance, if you purchase a black straw fedora hat, you can pair it with any type of outfit. However, if you’re wearing something unusual or unique, you need to determine the perfect type of straw fedora hat that will complement the shades of the outfit.

Tips to Wear the Straw Fedora Hats Perfectly

Not every woman is familiar with the straw fedora hats. Without knowing the proper technique to wear them, you cannot leverage its benefits and fashion statement properly. Here are some tips that will help you to wear the straw fedora hats perfectly.

They Should Fit Perfectly

If you have a big head, you should go for big hats and vice versa. Make sure the straw fedora hats fit perfectly on the head. This way you can enhance its comfort factor. If you notice that the hat is extremely tight or loose-fitting, you should consider changing it. However, experts suggest that straw fedora hats should sit tightly on your head.

Match the Style

Some straw fedora hats come with wide decorations as well as bands. On the other hand, some hats offer a simple design. You need to decide which type of outfits will look great with your fedora hats. After deciding the style, make sure the combination is worth catching the attention of people.

Wear Them on Occasions

Even though there’s no limitation regarding the occasion of the straw fedora hats, it’s suggested to wear them on special events or occasions. This way you can stand apart from the crowd. However, you can also wear hats at beaches, dance parties, weddings, and other fancy parties.

Wear Them with Jeans

This is one of the best combinations in the fashion world. Women prefer combining their straw fedora hats with blue jeans and blazers. This is undoubtedly a great fashion statement.


Straw fedora hats for women are available in various styles. Due to their versatility, the popularity of the straw fedora hats is growing rapidly amongst women. Make sure you purchase high-quality straw fedora hats depending on your fashion style, weather, and personality.

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