The Benefits of Using the Enterprise Rad Model of App Development

The Benefits of RAD Platform are not limited to being flexible and offering a broad range of user access, but also provide more efficient deployment. The enterprise version of the open source app framework has made it incredibly easy for both mobile and web developers to create apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. It is designed to work seamlessly with any programming language and technology you are already familiar with, including Xcode and iPhone development. This is in contrast to Java, Android, HTML5 apps and other similar mobile app platforms that require you to learn a new programming language and framework for developing your app.


The primary benefit of RAD is its flexibility, allowing any business to easily create an app that works across multiple platforms and devices. The platform is also designed to run on a variety of operating systems, so whether your app targets iOS, Android or Windows Phone you will be able to build it with ease and confidence. This also means that enterprise app developers can build cross-platform apps in a shorter period of time, meaning your customers will receive your apps faster, open source low code application development platform and more efficiently.

Biggest selling

The cost benefits of the enterprise rad platform is perhaps the biggest selling point for those who have already used it. The open source software is completely free to download. You won’t need to pay any licensing fees or royalties and therefore the app costs nothing to implement. There is no ready-made website, template or layout to keep track of – all you need to do is install the app onto your phone via iTunes or Google Play. It’s ready to use from then, and you can start building immediately. In addition to being free, it comes with a massive community of developers that will help guide you along the way and even help you submit your first app for an iOS or Android marketplace.


RAD Apps allow for integration of large numbers of small, medium and large graphics and visual elements. This includes everything from buttons, labels, images, graphs, charts, text and more. Your app will have access to highly sophisticated technologies such as Flash, Silverlight, Ajax and many more. The combined power of these technologies is what gives the enterprise apps its distinct advantage over the competition and makes it stand out from other apps.

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Third party libraries and scripts

Another key feature of the enterprise rad platform is the wide range of third party libraries and scripts that it supports. It supports a wide array of databases including Oracle, Informix, MySQL, MS-SQL, MS-Access, ColdFusion, Sybase, SQL Server and many others. Because it is based on Java, it can use the popular Java applet applications and other Java-based technologies, which are widely used across the enterprise world. This means that your app can be integrated into a number of different business-specific business applications, all of which are written in Java.

RAD Apps offer both flexibility and performance. This means that your app can be developed for mobile phones, tablets and any other device that runs on the Windows platform. Moreover, you can use it with any web-browser, as it utilizes the popular Internet Explorer browser. This means that you can build mobile, enterprise version mobile apps, enterprise application modernization which can run on any device with Internet access.

As app developers, you get total control over the design and features of your application. You are not tied down by the pre-defined requirements of the Windows operating system or any other pre-determined set of rules and regulations. You can modify or adjust the features of your application in real time, according to the latest market trends. For instance, if you are interested in adding new functions or functionality to your application, you can easily add these through the various modules and components available with the enterprise rad platform.

Last Step

On top of all these amazing features and functionalities, the RAD app development platform is also supported by a plethora of ready-to-use frameworks and tools, which ensures quick development and deployment of your enterprise mobile app and successful launching of your business-specific apps on the platform. To make your life easier, the platform provides complete online support, which includes tutorials, guides, online support forum, FAQs, Mendix vs outsystems vs wavemaker vs powerapps low code alternatives and other online chat options. Moreover, it comes with various other features and benefits, which ensure a seamless integration and synchronization between the various devices and applications running on the Windows platform. This, in turn, helps you to gain a competitive edge over your competitors and boost your revenue.

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