Review About KuCoin | 2022

In 2022 Kucoin proved to be one of the most recommended crypto exchange platforms with high ratings with millions of users and over a Billion dollars worth of crypto assets exchanged daily. Users can’t stop loving the services provided by the platform.

Ratings On Playstore

Kucoin provides a mobile application platform widely used as a medium for crypto exchange. It has a subtle rating of 4.5 stars rated by 90,000 users and over 5 million downloads. The mobile application version is excellent as it stands to be an all-rounder from the interactives graph. Live crypto news users can avail several different services. The application provides an excellent user interface and experience, enabling quick and efficient trading.

Easier Wallet Transfer

Transferring money from your digital wallet to your genuine wallet is a hassle, but with Kucoin, no worries about it. The transfer of crypto coins is done in real-time in just a matter of seconds. The significant part is minimal fees are charged as low as %0.1 of earnings. Yes, I am not kidding. These charges could be reduced if you have or buy KCS Kucoin’s crypto. The platform provides a win-win opportunity to its customers.

Interest Transfer

Another reason to download Kucoin and use it for crypto exchange is that if you lend out your coins to other traders, you will earn interest as an income making your crypto asset worthwhile and enabling two ways of earning. Now that sounds lucrative, right? The transfer of the accumulated interest would be done from a digital wallet to a genuine wallet every month. This feature itself is one of the most loved ones.

P2P Marketplace

Its users always love Kucoins for another feature: the P2P marketplace. The crypto coins and digital assets could be easily traded on the platform itself, with very few crypto exchange/trading platforms providing this service. They, too, are not reliable, except Kucoin, which wins over others because of this unique feature.

Future / Grid Trading

Kucoin provides a feature for future trading. This enables daily traders to earn profit over slight market fluctuations and hold the coins for the long term. Crypto is a volatile industry, and making hefty profits and returns is pretty easy yet risky with future trading, the risk factor is reduced a lot.

Fiat Currencies

Kucoins supports 40+ official currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD, to trade in that currency and make transfers viable throughout the world. Most mainstream cryptocurrency market and platforms do not support this much quantity of Fiat currencies.


Kucoin is the most trustable platform for crypto exchange with different unique features. None of the media supports as many features as provided by Kucoin, either in the diversification of the listed coins for trade or extra earning in various ways it crushes its competition. Crypto trading has become more popular than ever, and if you have decided to start it, there is no other platform better than KuCoin.

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