Knight Online Beginner’s Guide

Here, we share guidelines if you don’t know what to do inside Knight Online. Furthermore, if you want to start with advantages, you can find bonuses in U7BUY, Shop today! You will have the upper hand with your first character. You can also find more information about Knight Online and other popular video games.

Build Your Champion

Before you start your first journey, you could spend minutes in Character Creation. Between cosmetics and races, the predominant choice comes when you pick the class. Inside Knight Online, you can choose between:

  •       Warrior: This Class is one of the most balanced classes in the video game and is always a recommendation for new players. A Warrior has a large pool of Health, Attack, and Defence. Furthermore, you can build your character differently due to the freedom you get when you equip a weapon.
  •       Rogue: Similar to many RPGs (RolePlaying Games) in the market, the Rogue is known for their “glass cannon” way of being. In other words, you deal a lot of damage with a bow (long range) or a dagger (close range), but you are susceptible to painful encounters when someone catches you. This gimmick alone places the Rogue in a higher skill gap.
  •       Priest: Hated by solo players and beloved by teammates, the Priest is the “go-to” if you want to play as a support. With the skill tree inside Knight Online, you can increase the performance of your allies (Buffs) or decrease the attributes of your opponents (debuffs).
  •       Mage: Create chaos and change the flow of a fight with your spells. With a mage in your hands, you can pick an element (lighting, fire, and ice) and do single target or AoE (Area of Effect) skills. Like the Rogue, you need someone else to “tank” the approaching threats and give you movement freedom. In other words, find a Warrior and start a new friendship.

Each class has its pros and cons inside this video game. However, you can reduce the cons as you buy Knight Online accounts. Start with overpowered bonuses and lead your team to victory.

Gaining Experience

You have multiple ways to start a journey inside Knight Online. First, you could search for “quest givers” and complete numerous tasks. When you complete a quest, you can earn experience and equipment.

Secondly, you can take all the freedom and kill random monsters. Depending on the location, you earn a certain amount of experience after each kill. You can reduce the boredom of this “grind” by participating in a party and taking stronger opponents.

Lastly, you could use real money and grab an “Exp Premium,” which multiplies the gaining experience by 300%. You can reach the highest levels without too much effort.

Acquiring Better Equipment

You have two ways to acquire the top items in the Knight Online. The Beginner’s Guide recommends playing as an adventurer and “farm” the items by hunting your targets. Instead, you could grab Gold and buy the goods from the market.

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