How to Play Go: A Guide to Basic Game Rules for Beginners

Go is one of the classic board games with wide popularity across countries around the world. In Vietnam, this is also a game loved by many people, not only because of its entertainment but also because of its ability to train the mind. If you’re just starting out with Go, continue reading our guide New88 to master how to play Go and the basic rules of this game.
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Rules and how to play Go

Similar to other board games, Go also follows its own rules and regulations that players need to understand before starting a game. When starting a chess game, the chess board must be empty, then the player plays the Black pieces first, at this time the bettor is allowed to place free pieces. But it is also necessary to comply with the rule that chess pieces are placed at the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines.

 This means you cannot place pieces in the square or on the edge of the square. Once you have placed a piece on the board, you are not allowed to move it again or move it. This captured piece will not be counted as your chess piece but will be understood as your opponent’s prisoner piece.

In the way of playing Go, each turn, the player can only place one chess piece on the board and at this time you cannot place 2 chess pieces at the same time. If you do that during the game, it is completely understandable that you will lose.

In case you cannot find a reasonable move, you have the right to skip your turn and let your opponent continue. In that case, if you find a member with a higher score than you, that person will be the highest winner in Go.

The goal of Go

In playing Go, occupying empty space on the board is considered the most important. This means you try to surround and take control of these lands. In Go, the number of points a player receives will largely depend on the number of lands won.

The goal of Go

But in some other cases, how much land you capture depends largely on the number of pieces left on your chess board. Therefore, these two factors must combine together to have the most accurate way to play, to still capture a lot of land and still be able to become a big winner.

How to play Go that players need to know

The concept of “qi” is one of the rules in Go. The air of a piece is calculated based on the intersections around it. For example, consider the figure below, where the “x” marks represent the energy of each piece.

When a piece of yours is placed down without being blocked by any opposing pieces, it will have 4 air points. Each chess piece placed on the square is equivalent to 1 air point.
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How to calculate winning and losing points in Go

The scoring method in this type of chess may vary depending on the regulations of the players or organizations. As follows:

  • Points from land: Each land square that the player has surrounded is counted as 1 point.
  • Points from chess pieces: Each chess piece counts as 1 point.
  • The final total score is the sum of the scores from the land and the pieces. However, in some versions of Go, only points from land are counted to determine the winner.

Revealing tips for playing Go smart to win big

To become a master in Go, there are many strategies set out, so when players accumulate skills and have smart playing tips, they will quickly become a good player. Not only understanding how to play Go, every gamer who wants to become a professional player must understand some smart playing tips as follows:

  • When your pieces are surrounded and unable to escape, consider sacrificing them to focus on capturing ground or creating constraints for your opponent.
  • If your troops have no way to escape a surrounded situation, be ready to sacrifice them to use the move more effectively.
  • Focus on capturing land by building perimeters around important plots of land. This helps you accumulate points and control the board.
  • In playing Go, developing the skill of Thu Quan (fighting the opponent’s pieces) to control the match and take advantage of opportunities to attack or eliminate the opponent’s pieces and quickly win.

Thus, all of the above content is a basic guideHow to play Goto help newcomers master the rules and regulations. If you have any questions about this game, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below for us to answer.

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