CBD and Parkinson’s Disease: Everything You Need to Know

For years, researchers have been studying the benefits of CBD in the laboratory. It has been found out that CBD comes with anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. Inflammation caused in the nervous system often leads to neurodegeneration. Hence, it has been found out that CBD can be a solution to treat neuro diseases.

Even though you might find it quite interesting, there are various other chemicals found in the laboratory having these properties, which actually did not provide any benefit. Clinical trials are extremely necessary when it comes to supporting the claims of using CBD for medical purposes.

CBD- Is it legal?

People have many confusions regarding the fact that CBD is legal and safe to use for treating neuro diseases. On top of that, there are other confusions as well regarding CBD extraction from hemp and marijuana. The truth is, hemp, as well as marijuana, are different names of the cannabis plant.

Hemp contains 0.3% of THC whereas CBD extracted from the cannabis plant contains more than 0.3% of THC. The only difference is CBD products do not give high like marijuana. Therefore, it can be said that CBD is safe for consumption to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Why is CBD chosen as the supplemental treatment?

The Parkinson’s disease community largely took interest in CBD and its benefits. Various claims have been made regarding the fact that CBD Tincture is useful for treating a host of conditions. Besides, clinical trials have been made as well to check the benefits of CBD. FDA approved the fact that CBD is useful in controlling seizure frequency in rare forms of childhood epilepsy.

When talking about any other health claims, there are not enough clinical trials to prove that CBD is effective for health conditions. Besides, you will not get enough data for supporting the use of CBD over other formulations. However, this did not discourage CBD users across the globe from treating health conditions.

Is there any evidence of CBD for treating PD?

FDA is quite aware of how patients are frustrated to understand that not having enough proof as well as clinical trials is stopping them from using the products. However, the FDA in 2015 changed its rules and regulations to make it easy to know about CBD in their clinical trials.

Many studies have been done to know the symptoms of PD that involve a group of patients. In some open-label trials, the doctor, as well as the patient, were aware of the fact that they are getting a CBD treatment.

  • In the first trial, the test was conducted on six patients along with psychosis. Here the psychotic symptoms were controlled.
  • In the second trial, an open-label study was done on four patients suffering from REM behavior. It was noticed that the symptoms were decreased.
  • In the third trial done on 21 patients suffering from PD. All of them were double-blinded so that no one can know who got the treatment. Although the motor score failed to improve, the quality of life improved.

CBD for treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Many patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease are already taking CBD in different forms to treat symptoms like insomnia, dystonia, pain, tremor, etc. However, whether CBD is safe or not is still yet to be known since the clinical trials are still in progress. Apart from that, it is also not clear whether consuming CBD has any side effects on people suffering from PD. Coming to the baseline, some people suffer from non-motor symptoms, which make them more susceptible to the side effects of CBD.

Therefore, if you are suffering from PD symptoms and want to try CBD as a treatment method, make sure you are discussing things with your doctor. He or she needs to make sure that you do not react with other drugs you are taking.

Hence, there is no such proven evidence that CBD is useful in treating Parkinson’s disease; however, it can be used for easing out the symptoms.

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