How to grow cannabis, anyone can do it.

In general, in Thailand, cannabis can be cultivated to be effective once a year, starting from the month of planting. September-February to complete the inflorescence and ready to harvest in January-February This is winter because cannabis is a plant that likes cold weather. And during the period when marijuana is weak, It shouldn’t be a rainy period. Otherwise, it will.

Cannabis leaves a lot. The inflorescences will be less. The period from sowing seeds until the first harvest is about 4-6 months, and the second harvest will have to wait another 3 months.

Steps to cultivate CBD kaufen: seed cultivation, soil preparation, planting, culling, harvesting, and processing of cannabis.


Cultivation of cannabis seeds or cannabis seeds can be done in two ways: cultivating in a field in the soil or a litter box. and cultivating in the field which raises the shop like a nursery. In both cultivation methods, the grower must soak the cannabis seeds in water for about 3 days, then bring them into the field for about 20 days until the plant has a height of about 10 cm. keep going. Read more How to grow cannabis seeds using tissues.

Preparing the soil for planting cannabis

In preparing that area, The grower will choose a suitable location for the weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and must choose a high place. If it rains less, you must choose an area close to the water source. When selecting the planted location, The growers will dig a hole about 40-50 cm wide, 40-50 cm deep, with a distance of about 1 meter between the pits, and mix the soil with manure into the bottom of the pit, which is popularly used chicken manure for the cannabis bouquet. Beautiful.

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Cannabis cultivation

Bring about 5-7 cannabis plants that have been planted in each hole to get a female cannabis plant because if you get a male, The grower will withdraw it because the male cannabis plant is not used. And it must be maintained with daily fertilization and watering. Therefore, cannabis growing sites must be close to water sources, whether natural water sources or underground wells for cultivation. And CBD kaufenrequires sunlight to grow as well. When growing marijuana, you must always get rid of weeds and spray pesticides.

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Suppose it is found that there are diseases and insects. You must keep shoveling the soil with chicken droppings and cow dung around the tree. In addition, when the seedlings near flowering, Must always combine the soil with cutting the roots. Around the tree so that the stump can break up the bushes, Do not let it grow tall and make the inflorescences tight, good clusters, not many leaves.

Incubate cannabis seeds in wet tissues.

Take two tissues and place them in the first dish and sprinkle enough water to soak them. Then lift the plate to pour out the water. This ensures that we don’t add too much water. Just enough to wet the tissue.

Place the CBD kaufen seeds that have begun to show white roots and place them in a dish with tissues. Then bring a new tissue to cover the seeds. Press down on the tissue with your hand to allow the upper sheet to absorb water from the lower sheet. Then take the second plate to cover it to prevent light from entering.

Then place this dish in a dark place for another 24-72 hours. Every day, open it to see if the tissues are still soaked. If not, sprinkle some more water. If we open it, we will find that about one root grows out. It shows that it is ready for the ground, and that’s it; you will have the cannabis seeds ready to plant. Later, we can bring the seeds into the soil for planting.

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