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How motorcyclists can keep safe on the road

Motorcycle accidents are so common nowadays that they have almost become a part of everyday life. With the popularity of motorcycles , it’s no surprise that more and more people are being injured in motorcycle accidents every year. However, you can reduce your chances of getting into an accident by following these tips with the help of a Colorado motorcycle accident attorney.

1) Wear the correct gear

-Wearing proper safety gear also helps you avoid road rash. This happens when a person slides on asphalt surfaces after biking accidents resulting in loss of skin at great speeds. If your bike crashes, wear headgear that protects your face from flying debris such as rocks or other objects during an accident. Gloves should be worn to protect hands from friction burns while sliding across the pavement during an accident. They reduce hand injuries caused by contact with tarmac/asphalt surfaces too. Jackets help keep bikers warm especially for those who ride at night.

2) Practice safe driving techniques

– Looking where you want to go, not at other people or objects. This allows a better view of what’s ahead and helps avoid accidents from happening. Keep in mind that being distracted has been the number one cause of road crashes recently. It is just as dangerous as using a cell phone while driving because it causes “tunnel vision”. Both things can get you into an accident.

– Maintaining proper speed – riding too fast increases chances of crashing especially when faced with unexpected obstacles on the road such as potholes, pedestrians crossing streets without looking both ways; this means going faster than 25 mph around corners and intersections; slowing down before turns so you won’t hit a car or another motorcycle.

– Avoid riding side by side with other motorcycles – this blocks your view of the road and can give you less time to react when faced with oncoming traffic; it is also more difficult for you to see potholes, pedestrians crossing streets without looking both ways.; It is safer if you ride ahead or behind others so that there will be enough space in front of your bike should they have to stop suddenly.

– Do not drive while intoxicated. Being drunk slows down reaction time which puts everyone at risk especially during accidents. Alcohol reduces coordination too which makes steering more difficult and may cause loss of balance. Drinking alcohol before driving can get a person arrested but even drinking after getting home can get you arrested too. It may be legal in some places but it is still dangerous to the public.

3) Keep your bike in good working order – well-maintained bikes can avoid accidents too.

– Check tire pressure and tread to make sure they are enough for the amount of weight you’re carrying.

– Always check brake pads, turn signals & horns so that it will be easy to maneuver even during high speeds or heavy traffic. Make a habit out of looking before stopping at intersections because other motorists may not see you if there’s tinted glass around them or when visibility is low due to bad weather conditions such as rain, fog.; Your signal lights should work properly all the time; replacing these parts could save lives.

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