A Change In Perspective: Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies By Fahim Moledina

The world has seen so many highs and lows in the recent past that now the whole definition of marketing has changed. We all saw how the new normal took place, and all the business truths prevalent in the post-pandemic era have now become obsolete. However, our business expert Fahim Moledina takes you to a new change in perspective when it comes to planning new marketing strategies.

We have realized the importance of going online and how the world has seen the shift from being physically placed at a store to having so much dependency on online platforms. Where so many brands have seen a drastic fall of the era, on the other hand, there were so many emerging businesses that were finally able to find their way out.

Here are some of the modern marketing tips Of Fahim Moledina that might help every emerging business owner survive in the world and also gain an insight into the world.

  1. Focus on your customer:

When it comes to buying the loyalty of your customers, some of the brands have always focused on the needs and requirements of their clients. However, the new marketing tip is to focus on the existing ones till Fahim Moledina are able to find the new leads. If you have any pending things to deliver during the hour of the pandemic, reaching out to them and refunding the payments might help you to get customer loyalty.

However, this might seem to hurt the system of cash flow of your business, but as soon as you are able to earn the loyalty of your customers, there are chances that you will build a better profile of your business.

2. Investing in social media campaigns:

Now, according to the surveys, more and more people are spending their time online, scrolling Facebook, and spending time on Twitter or Instagram. If you are an online store or even an emerging brand, one of the cool strategies is to make sure that you involve your client in social media campaigns. Having ads on Facebook and other social media networks might be really helpful.

Therefore, when you are thinking about investing in a business profile, make sure to think beyond the ordinary.

3. Exclusive deals and discounts:

Post-pandemic, the economy of the world has already shattered, and therefore, if you are going to offer discounted deals and exclusive discounts could entice your customers to go for the purchase. Make sure that the deals are cost-effective, and you don’t have to run into a loss when you are making such offerings.  

One of the most affected businesses that are hit by pandemics were restaurants and travels agencies, so if you are anyone around these businesses, make sure to offer deals that help people think about taking the risk and establishing a new relationship with your brand.

4. It’s all about communication:

When it comes to stepping up your game plan and bringing about the changes in your marketing strategies, one of the most important things is to be able to communicate with the customers. You could possibly start with the digital marketing plan that is offered by marketing companies, where they help you to rank your business, create content, and also brings the right traffic to your pages.

This, however, might not seem to be an easy task, but with a little bit of innovation and creative ideas, you could always bring potential customers to your business. 

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