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5 Advantages of Microcement

In a very short time, microcement coating has become extremely popular in interior and exterior decoration. This coating has become a real trend in the renovation of both businesses and homes because of the many perks it offers. However, this material is only reserved for an experienced professional because, during installation, mistakes can be easily made.

5 Perks of Microcement

1. Microcement is resistant and very durabile

This is one of the most important advantages of microcement. Unlike other coatings out there, microcement stands out as an extremely resistant and durable material that doesn’t crack. The best part is that its properties are not lost over time – it continues to be highly resistant to sunlight, scratches, knocks, and traffic with the passage of time.

2. There is no debris or building work

As it is a type of coating without expansion joints, you won’t have to use any machinery at all – although you need some skill when applying it,  microcement supplies can be applied on top of the surface, whether it comes to a floor, ceiling, swimming pool, wall, or furniture. Even further, it doesn’t require building work – there is no rubble generated.

3. It is suitable for interiors and exteriors

Microcement application is ideal for both interiors and exteriors. However, you need to know which type to use (ready to use, monocomponent, or bicomponent). Each of them has its own set of benefits and purposes.

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3. Multiple colours and finishes

The textures that you can get with these sealants are unique. Those multiple finishes depend on the sealant, the chosen pigment, and the application. The customisation of microcement is unlimited thanks to the wide palette of microcement colours. Whether you need floss, waterproof, non slit, satin, matte, or supper matte finish, microcement is the way to go.

4. It is compatible with underfloor heating

Although this advantage might seem to you insignificant – think again! Its good thermal conductivity is possible because microcement is perfectly compatible with both types of underfloor heatings.

5. It has excellent adhesion

Last but not least. It is worth highlighting the superior adhesion of microcement compared to other sealants. It is a super flexible material. A factor that confirms this is that microcement can be applied on almost any material: concrete, marble, plaster, plasterboard, cement, tiles, ceramics, tiles, and everything else in between.

The Wrap Up

Did you know that thickness of the microcement is much lower than the one of smoothed cement? The microcement is only applied in a teeny tiny layer of two to four millimetres of thickness, whereas the smooth one requires even more than 5 centimetres. This means that other types of cement not only skyrocket the structural weight but also reduce your decorative possibilities.

The thing that perhaps most concern you is its cost. The microcement is one of the most affordable options in the current market that will fit your budget. And the fact that it is so easy to apply, clean, and does not require cleaning and eliminating the previous materials means it significantly reduces the cost of the work.

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