The secret to making detailed and effective 2-handicap bets with New88

Handicap 2 goals is one of the popular and attractive types of soccer betting. Especially when playing at New88, you will have the opportunity to experience dramatic matches and receive valuable rewards. This article will guide you how to bet on 2 goals along with important experiences and betting tips to help you master the betting table.
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Details of 2-out handicap information 

A 2-goal handicap, also known as a 2-draw handicap, is a type of bet where the stronger team will handicap the weaker team by 2 goals. This means that the handicap team must win by at least 3 goals for the player to win. If the handicap team only wins by a difference of 2 goals, the player will receive a refund. This bet often appears in matches where the difference between the two teams is quite large.

The 2-goal handicap helps balance the odds between two teams with a difference in strength. They create excitement and drama for the match while also giving players a high chance of winning. However, to play this bet effectively, players need to clearly understand the nature of the bet and the factors that affect the match outcome.

Instructions on how to bet and read 2-ball odds effectively for newbies

When making a 2-goal soccer handicap, there will be certain differences compared to the usual types of handicaps today. Therefore, you need to read the exact results when betting on a 2-goal handicap at New88 as follows:

The handicap team wins by an overwhelming 3 goals

If you bet on the upper team and at the end of the match the upper team wins by overwhelming the lower team by at least 3 goals, you will win and get your entire bet. On the contrary, if you bet on the underdog team, you will lose in this situation and lose your entire bet.

The upper team wins with a 2-goal advantage

In case you predict the upper team or the lower team and at the end of the match the upper team wins by 2 goals ahead of the lower team. Both sides of the bet will draw. Bookmaker New88 refunds the bet amount to both players who bet on the handicapped team or the handicapped team.

The handicap team wins with a gap of 1 goal or loses

If you bet on the underdog team and at the end of the match the overdog team only wins by 1 goal difference or loses to the underdog team, you will win, receiving the full bet. On the contrary, if you bet money on the upper team, you will immediately lose the bet and lose the entire amount you bet.

Example of a 2-out handicap

Let’s take a look at an example of a 2-out bet in a football match between France and Hungary in the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament. In this case, France is rated stronger and receives a handicap of 2 draws.

  • If you bet on France and France wins by 3 or more goals, you will win the bet. If France wins by 1 or 2 goals or draws or loses, you will lose money. 
  • If you bet on Hungary and Hungary wins or draws or loses the match but the difference does not exceed 1 goal, you win the match. In case Hungary loses to France by a gap of 2 goals or more, you will lose your bet.

For example, if you bet 100K on France and France wins the match 3-0, you win. However, if France only wins by 2-0 or 1-0 or the match ends in a draw or France loses the match, you will lose your bet. The specific amount of money received depends on the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Secrets of experts when betting on 2 handicaps

To increase your chances of winning when playing 2-ball odds at New88, you can apply some of the following tips. These tips will help you seize opportunities and achieve the best results.

Monitor team performance

Team performance greatly affects the result of the match. Choose teams with stable performance and strong attack to increase your chances of winning. It is necessary to closely monitor the injury situation and changes in the squad to predict more accurately.
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Study the teams’ strategies before the match

Understanding the teams’ tactics helps make accurate predictions. If the team with a 2-hand handicap has a strong attacking style of play and often scores many goals, this is a good choice. Conversely, a defensive-minded team may have difficulty scoring more goals.

Collect opinions from experts

Listening to experts and experienced players is a good way to increase your chances of winning. Experts often have extensive knowledge and make useful predictions. Join soccer forums to gather more information.

Update odds continuously

Odds may change, monitor regularly to make the right decision. If the rate is favorable, take advantage of this opportunity to put down money. If the odds are not favorable, consider stopping betting to avoid risks.


Handicap 2 goals is one of the attractive and challenging odds in soccer betting. To be successful, players need to master basic knowledge, tips, and important notes. Playing 2-handicap handicap at New88 not only brings entertaining moments but also an opportunity for you to receive attractive rewards. Always be careful and have a specific strategy to optimize your chances of winning!

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