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The Pros and Cons of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are an increasingly popular way to get a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re a teenager or a pensioner, a good night’s sleep is essential.¬†Adjustable beds have become so popular¬†that most high street shops now stock them. This has made them a mainstream product and not just a gimmick for a wealthy couple. Read on to discover the pros and cons of adjustable beds.

Highgrove Motion range

The Highgrove Motion range of adjustable beds features a patented AdvantEdge(r) technology which allows you to adjust the mattress and bed base to suit your body’s needs. This innovative system features a rounded edge to prevent hot spots while sleeping and is topped with high-grade upholstery. Highgrove guarantees all their products for at least 20 years. For added peace of mind, they are also backed by a comprehensive warranty.

The Highgrove Motion Reflex Adjustable Divan Set is a luxurious addition to any bedroom. With a luxurious stretch fabric cover, the Highgrove Purity 2000 mattress provides the ultimate in comfort and support. Its adaptive pocket spring system ensures that your spine is supported in the proper way and your bed stays firm despite its size. The Highgrove Motion Reflex Adjustable Divan Set comes in three neutral colours and has an extra-soft mattress.


The range of Sleepkings adjustable beds offers a range of benefits for both the buyer and the manufacturer. This three ft electric bed with a stylish cream headboard comes with an 8 inch CoolMax memory foam mattress and a matching super headboard. The bed’s five-part retaining bar and motorized slat system allows the user to change the height of their bed to suit their individual needs. This electric bed is also very quiet and comes with a 24 month guarantee.

The Sleepkings adjustable bed comes with five separate parts for the neck, back, knee, and leg elevation. The mattress is eight inches thick, which is a relatively thin amount for an adjustable bed. In comparison, most mattresses are around 25 cm thick. A thicker mattress is better for heavier sleepers while a thinner mattress is more comfortable for lighter ones. Sleepkings adjustable beds have a decent number of 5-star customer reviews. There are few complaints about the quality of the product, but some people have complained about the delivery service.

Bensons for beds

Bensons for Beds is one of the largest mattress retailers in the UK, offering a wide range of top-quality, name-brand mattresses as well as budget-friendly alternatives. The company has improved its online sales process in recent years, offering more transparency in regard to reviews, delivery times, and other information related to mattresses. Bensons for Beds customers have generally enjoyed the selection and value for money, but some have complained about the durability and perceived quality for the price.

The Bensons for beds website also provides details about the number of pocket springs in the mattress. A king-size mattress should contain at least 1000 pocket springs, though some models have as many as 2000. Different spring counts require different wire thickness, as the inner space of the mattress is fixed. Because the spring count varies greatly, the wire thickness must also change. To get the right amount of support and bounce, you should check the king-size Bensons for beds website.

Bed Kingdom

Whether you’re suffering from back pain, mobility problems, or simply don’t have time to get into bed, a Bed Kingdom adjustable beds are the perfect solution. The company’s beds are adjustable, incorporating a soberly engineered mechanism for adjusting the height and angle of the bed. With a simple handset control, these beds can be moved into a variety of positions, from flat to elevated. These adjustable beds offer a wide variety of options for mattresses, including traditional pocketed springs, memory foam, fibre, and natural fillings.

The Sleepezee gel comfort mattress comes with a deluxe layer of Aqualite Gel foam that works with the springs to provide additional support and comfort. Other features include soft fibre fillings and a knitted micro quilted cover. This mattress has a Cooler moisture management finish to regulate the temperature of the bed. This combination allows for a good night’s sleep. The gel-infused mattress also keeps heat and moisture at bay, making it ideal for people with back pain and limited mobility.


The Mibed adjustable bed has an array of features to make sleeping on it a comfortable experience. Variable adjustments make it possible to adjust the height of the bed to accommodate the needs of different users. They have a leg raise and a knee break to prevent the user from rolling down the bed. They can also be used to turn the user and relieve pressure points. The beds are available in two sizes, two’6″ and three’6″. A single frame is available, providing extra support and strength to people who weigh between 18 and 25 stone.

The built-in massage feature offers three speeds of vibrations, making it possible to select the ideal level for a given condition. The Zero-G preset is designed to alleviate circulatory and lower back pain. The base can be adjusted on both sides simultaneously and has a memory preset remote to allow users to save their favorite positions. The Mibed adjustable bed is also equipped with a retainer bar at the foot of the bed to keep the mattress in place.


With more than fifty years of experience manufacturing luxury beds, Sleepeasy is renowned for its commitment to traditional design, craftsmanship and innovation. Their beds combine traditional values with contemporary technology, and feature a wide range of superior support systems, including natural and memory foam. The company proudly holds a Royal Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales, and their products are backed by a seven-year warranty. Unlike some manufacturers, they manufacture their beds in the UK.

As a Royal Warrant-holder, Sleepeezee beds are among the finest in the world. Whether you need a firm mattress to fall asleep faster, or a more comfortable one for watching television, Sleepeezee beds are a smart, convenient option. You can choose from a variety of styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find a perfect fit for your bedroom. This brand offers a variety of adjustable beds, including twin, king and California King.

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