There are numerous numbers of reasons why you move to Chicago such as your family wanting to opt for a change or your kids wanting to start a new school or you wanting to change your job. All families have their reasons to move like some want more amenities or some want to upsize or downsize their homes. If you are also the one who is considering relocating to Chicago with your family then the very first thing you have to know is that whether the place is right for your family or not. Luckily Chicago is a city that has lots of neighbourhoods that are completely safe to start a new family. If you are interested to know these areas then check out this list.

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It is one of the best neighbourhoods for families to live in because this big-city neighbourhood gives the feel of a small and friendly town. The crime rate here is 90% less than the other area in Chicago. Even an 8-year old child can freely roam around the streets without any fear. In Beverly, one can afford his or her own house. The median purchase price is around $289,660 and in case if you want to have a house on rent then the median monthly rent here is around $503. Houses here offer an ample amount of space. When it comes to outdoor recreational activities you with your family can explore over 250 acres of land covered with lush green forest. Along with shopping centres and restraints you can also have access to the art centre, and art galleries.


Edgewater falls in the list of top ten safest cities in Chicago and is also referred to as a “family dream” as per the data collected from the best moving companies Chicago in the network of Moving Apt. Here you can find several public and private schools and thus, provide world-class education to your children. The median purchase price for buying homes here is nearly the same as the nation’s average purchase price which is around $181,500. The city is home to a variety of restaurants providing ethnic food. Apart from restraints, you can also explore historical sites, parks, and theatres.

Edison Park:

If you desire to live in one of the safest and most affordable neighbourhoods in Chicago then just head to the Edison Park located on the North Side. Not only single-family houses, but here you can also buy bungalows having all features such as spacious yards, garage, balconies, and many more within your budget. The average purchase price in Edison Park for the houses is $345,364. Schools here provide an excellent education. This particular neighbourhood is one of the quieter areas in Chicago and here you can have access to different sports and cultural activities. Not only this, but you can also enjoy delicious beverages and dishes here.

Hyde Park:

The median sales price for the homes in this specific neighbourhood is around $300,400. One can also look for affordable options here. Although Hyde Park offers education to the students studying in K to 12 classes, with the University of Chicago nearby, students studying in the high school can stay at their home when continuing with their secondary education. The food here is terrific. You can also have access to numerous bookstores and a library.

North Centre:

Known as one of the highest appreciating neighbourhoods, it is the best place for one to buy a house and settle down with their family in Chicago. This specific neighbourhood is 94% safer than the other neighbourhoods in Chicago. Due to its prime location near Wrigley Field, there is a high demand for North Centre. In case your workplace is Downtown, then you can have easy access to this specific area. Here you can find several schools which will be great for your kids.

Lincoln Park: 

The estimated cost that you have to spend to buy a medium home here is $508,008 and on average you have to spend $1,500 on monthly rental. The place is historically popular for neighbourhoods for families because of the expansive parks present out there. The waterfront locations and walkability make it a perfect place to live. If you have kids then also you don’t have to worry because it hosts many brilliant schools as well.

Why raise a family here?

  • Having a home in Chicago means you will have access to music, art, theatre, and more within a short distance.
  • The place is good for kids because there are a lot of education opportunities present with the country’s top independent schools.
  • The real estate prices are also very affordable.
  • You can also enjoy the great outdoors within the city. Take your kids to visit the different parks such as Lincoln Park zoo, go ice skating at Millennium Park, and so on.

Bottom line: 

Don’t worry, if you are considering moving with your family here then you won’t regret your decision later because the place has neighbourhoods perfect to raise your family.

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