Could The Cairn Terrier Be A Good Companion For Grandparents

Moving on to the next stage of your life can be taken and seen in two ways, you can either choose to embrace it and enjoy the adventure for what it is or you could sulk your final trimester away alone in your room.

If you are the former and I think many of us are who enjoy living life to the fullest we have a certain excitement for what the next chapter may bring and look forward to experiencing something new.

In recent years this newfound joy has been taken on in the form of a pet. Elderly folk and grandparents enjoy companionship and having something to care for or look after, and a small pet in the home offers just that. If your grandma and grandpa are still reasonably young you could suggest a ‘handbag-sized’ puppy, one that although it will age it will remain relatively the same size, perfect for someone of the older generation to manage.

Which breed fits best?

So your grandparents have agreed and are delighted to turn the page on their new chapter, one that involves a furry family member trotting around the house, all you need to help them decide on is which breed could be a good fit.

You ideally want a dog that is low maintenance, they don’t want a pet that requires hours of training and discipline, or up to 3 walks a day to help burn off its built-up energy. A popular breed that comes to mind is the Cairn terrier (read about its personality here and is increasingly sought after for parents whose children have recently left the nest or grand folks.

Like with any dog you choose they have their good and not so great attributes, much like humans, but with enough love and care these positives far outweigh any negativity. They may be small but they bring so much to the table, let’s see why Cairn terrier pet owners around the world rave about this little dog and how it has changed their lives for the better.

  • They are a great puppy to cuddle up with on the sofa after a long stroll in the park, they enjoy companionship and being by their owner’s side and do well in a loving environment.
  • This dog is a good choice for new and first-time pet owners because they are easy to manage. They have an independent nature and enjoy finding ways to explore and entertain themselves when outdoors. They also fit quickly and comfortably within the family dynamic and will take your spot on the couch before you know it.
  • They don’t enjoy being left alone for long periods making them the perfect option for retired parents. Running and chasing after birds as you stroll along the riverside enjoy your well-deserved break, you both enjoy life and can do so together. Win-win.
  • When we get older we don’t necessarily need all the space a large home has to offer and if downsizing was a concern then you needn’t worry. Terriers adapt well to houses with gardens as well as apartment living but will need to be taken out for walks daily.

Getting ready.

The grandparents are ready and waiting for the new puppy to arrive but they need to make sure they have the necessary equipment before he arrives and that a designated area has been set up for him. When purchasing or adopting a pet, a debate you can read more about in this link you need a few fundamental basics to get started, and then you can add to it as you go along and your pup finds his feet.

This can be a fun part of the process, even more so if you get the grandkids involved who can help choose an assortment of toys and cuddly items, but the two main items would be a comfortable bed suitable to the dog’s size whilst allowing space to grow, and a food and water bowl set.

Throw in a few toys, some to increase grip and strength, others to increase agility and awareness and you will be well on your way to having a home with a dog who feels like he has been part of the family for years.


Now that the toy cupboard has been stocked up the last thing is to provide a well-balanced and nutritious diet, and while the generic supermarket dog food brands are ok are we sure that they offer enough vitamins and minerals needed for your dog to maintain his healthy active lifestyle? They will be running around and burning energy daily and they need a good meal to fuel them. Ideally, you want a product that is all-natural, organic, and tailored to your specific dog and breed type.

To get you started on a healthy food plan from the get-go take a look at brand options such as holistapet, this way you get to browse what’s available on the market and pick and choose what suits your lifestyle and budget. Your new puppy will look and feel great from day one and the benefits of chemical and preservative-free foods is just one of the plus sides to choosing better foods.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility but the never-ending love and cuddles you get are worth every effort, and like anyone else they will be by your side no matter what. Click here and visit this site:  jiorockers One can know everything that is very important for our daily life

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