Signs that you need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Virginia

The workers’ compensation system is meant to help injured workers. In the real world, things may not always move as expected. If you sustained injuries at work, you should consider talking to an attorney to know the worth of your workers’ compensation claim. It is not unusual for injured workers to accept the first offer because they are going through financial distress. While you can check for a work injury guide in Virginia, a lawyer is your best bet to secure your interests. In this post, we are sharing the top signs that you need a lawyer. 

  1. Your claim has been denied. Let’s start by saying that insurance companies are not in the business of settling claims. These companies routinely deny workers’ comp claims on various grounds. If your claim has been denied, you can file for an appeal. If your claim is denied again, you may have to go for a hearing before the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. For that, it is best to have an attorney on your side. 
  2. You are not happy with the settlement offer. At some point, the claims adjuster may promise you a “fair” settlement and insist that you accept their office. If you don’t know what your claim is worth, you may end up accepting the low amount. Let an attorney deal with the settlement aspects and negotiate on your behalf. 
  3. Your injuries are severe. If your injuries are severe or likely to impact your life and career ahead, you have to call an attorney. The compensation for such cases tends to be considerably high. If you want to get Social Security benefits, you need an attorney to deal with the situation and help you with the paperwork. If the workplace injury will prevent you from returning to work at all, the employer’s insurance company may ask you go for Vocational Rehabilitation, so that you can get back to work. This can be tricky, and you need a lawyer to protect your rights. 
  4. You have a potential third-party claim. For instance, if you were injured at work because of a machine defect that was the fault of the manufacturer, you may have a third-party claim against them. If there is another party involved, you need to talk to a lawyer to know the legal options. 

Ask around to find top workers’ compensation lawyers near you and don’t delay asking for an appointment. 

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