Best Free Movie Organizer Software For Windows 10

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably used a movie organizer to keep track of your movies and show lists. But, if you’re looking for something a bit more robust, you should check out some of the best free movie organizer software for Windows 10. This article is going to review some of the most popular options, including MoVee8, My Movie Manager, Film Tracker, EMBD, and more. If you’d like more suggestions on movie catalogs, take a look at the site here.


MoVee8 Free Movie Organizing Software allows you to create a database of all the movies you have on your computer. It has many helpful features and can easily export data in a variety of formats. You can even create backups of your data, which is extremely useful when you lose it. It is attractive and easy to use, and it works by fetching the information you need from the Internet. You can customize the software by changing the interface skin, and renaming media files.

My Movie Manager

It has a streamlined interface, a software development kit, and an easy-to-use database for cataloging your entire movie collection. The application supports many languages and offers features to categorize and sort your movies. You can also rename media files and customize the interface skin. It has a great deal of potential, and we think My Movie Manager is the best free movie organizer software for 2022.

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Film Tracker

It’s not very difficult to use and brings a whole world of data to your collection of motion pictures. With support for multiple database formats, you can import your movies from any database and spare them for later viewing. This free motion picture organizer software also supports the creation of videos. You can even rundown your films according to year and class. You’ll have no trouble keeping track of your entire movie collection.


EMBD Free Movie Organizer Software is a free application designed to help users manage and catalog their movie collections. The application is easy to use and allows you to sort, group, filter, and search your movies. Its built-in search engine searches IMDB and other online databases for information about movies. You can even use the software to store movie posters, covers, and other media files.

Eric’s movie database

EMDB, short for Eric’s Movie Database, is a freeware program that organizes your movie collection. It can handle both physical discs and media files. Rather than manually entering movie information, EMDB searches the Internet for the information you need. You can even import and export your data to CSV or text. If you’d like to organize your collection in a more convenient way, Eric’s Movie Database can also help you keep track of the movies you’ve loaned out. Unlike many other applications, EMDB can be used to organize your DVD and video collection in a quick, organized fashion.

Personal Video Database

If you have a large movie collection, Personal Video Database can organize your videos easily. Its well-thought-out user interface allows you to manage even the largest movie database. The program offers powerful filtering, grouping, and sorting features, along with a variety of plugins to organize your video collection. It even allows you to organize your favorite movies by genre and create a “wish list” of films you’d like to see in the future.


One of the best features of Filmotech Free Movie Organizer Software is its ability to store and organize a variety of movie information in a convenient way. This application can manage different profiles and assign them to specific databases and preferences. As a result, users can choose which information they want to store and which they can exclude. The program makes it easy to add or remove movies from a database or sparge a movie.

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