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1×2 handicap is also known as eThe name European betting has been around for a long time and all bookmakers apply this model. Usually, this simple form of betting will be loved by new players and want to get acquainted. However, it is not simple to win, especially in matches that are difficult to predict. That’s why let’s go together bookmaker New88 Clarify the content related to 1×2 bets through the following article.
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Find out what 1×2 odds are like?

Football betting in general and sports betting in particular have been around for a long time, originating from the European region. In the past, when online bookmakers were not yet born, most players bet through agents and intermediaries. At that time, people only bet on the outcome of the match: which team will win or whether the two teams will draw. 

In fact, 1×2 betting has many other names such as European betting and traditional betting. The reason is that this type of betting originally appeared in Europe and was born as early as when sports betting was just in its infancy. The way to play this type of betting is to predict the outcome of the match. 

Specifically, there are 3 doors for us to bet on including 1, x and 2, of which 1 is the winning home’s door. 2 means the away team wins and x means the two teams have a draw. If the prediction is correct, our bonus is calculated as the amount spent multiplied by the odds in half. 

Example of European betting in action

To clarify how to play 1×2 bet In reality, let’s calculate together through the example above. Odds table for the match between the two teams Juventus vs Monza. The European betting parameters column is in the 3rd row next to the over/under. 

There are only betting odds, not odds. Juventus plays at home so the 1st place has a payout of 1 x 1.34, the 2nd Monza away team has a payout of 1 x 7.30. Meanwhile, if the two teams tie, the x bet has a reward of 1 x 5.10. 

Suppose we use 100 USD to bet on each door, the amount earned will be as follows:

  • If home team Juventus wins, the player receives 100 x 1.34 = 134 USD
  • When the away team Monza wins, the player who bets on 2 receives 100 x 7.30 = 730 USD
  • In case the two teams tie with any score, whoever bets on x will receive the full amount of 100 x 5.10 = 510 USD. 

Expert method of playing European bets

Although it is a long-standing form of betting that is considered easy to play, experts highly trust and prioritize the 1×2 bet. Even rookies who want to get acquainted with other forms of football want to try it out European odds. 

However, we must look at the reality that the chance of winning on each door is only 33.33%. Therefore, to increase this rate in a specific match, we must take advantage of our own experience and knowledge. 

Set for the stronger team

Many players today choose to bet on a more famous and theoretically stronger team. That is a very popular way to play 1×2 odds, although there is nothing new, it is extremely effective. However, the stronger team does not always win, but the rate of them losing to weak teams is not high. 

Usually we will calculate the stronger team’s chances of winning, for example if they play at home. The more matches there are between the two teams, the easier it is to predict. 

Clearly identify the advantages of teams when betting 1×2

Be sure to grasp the information about each team’s advantages, such as position on the rankings, form or head-to-head record. Which side is better in terms of playing conditions or personnel issues? If a team is strong but does not have as many advantages as the lower rated team, then it is not certain to win.
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Update personnel information 

Of course, players themselves, when commenting on 1×2 odds, must always pay attention to the personnel issues of the two teams. For example, the injury situation and the ability of key players to play. 

Which side is missing more important players, this can directly affect the team’s ability to compete. It is also important to note that the official starting lineup is announced a few hours before the match. 


Overall assessment of 1×2 bets is that this type of bet is quite easy to play and the chance of winning against the house is not small. Let’s join New88 to learn about many other new and interesting types of betting through the next newsletter. 

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